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In 2004, KG DESIGN was started, then with a focus on accessories for pets. It was difficult to find functional products that were also stylish and fit into our homes. Our absolute bestseller was "TUBEN", a storage for the dog's black bags. We feverishly packed the Swedish-made pipes, to Designtorget, which was a strong forum for Swedish innovations. Form with function has since followed our development. In the search for a non-slip pad for the dining area, we came across the material silicone. We immediately became attached to the non-toxic and then quite unusual material. We were out early with silicone potholders, followed by a long line of custom-designed products for the modern home. See more in the section on the material below. Today we have redirected the business from wholesale operations, our products for children's rooms and dining areas sell worldwide with the help of our partners. In other respects, we work with design and production for other companies. We now have solid experience and knowledge of the material silicone, which has now been discovered by significantly more people. Take a look at our gallery below for photos of our history.

Jennie Josefsson & Fredrik Kågefors

Owner and founder of KG DESIGN



The flexibility in silicone gives few limitations, which gives a lot of leeway when we design products. It can look like concrete, glass or ceramic but weighs less and does not break. All the colors of the rainbow are available and it is very fun to work with!


The material has many good properties. Consisting of silicon and oxygen, silicone is a material without toxins and endocrine disruptors and chemicals. It is food approved and free of odor and taste. Extra important in our products for children's rooms and dining areas!

It is non-slip, unbreakable and water resistant. It is just as good to have in the oven as in the freezer. Fantastic - right?

It is important for us to work with high quality materials, and that all materials and colors are tested and approved. We feel safe with our suppliers who have been with us since the start.

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